Covid-19: Future of consumption and production

An approach with its own method towards various and possible future scenarios, both in the world of consumption and production, in the macroeconomic, political and social framework.

COVID-19 Paper: Future of consumption and production

For many, the word «trend» is synonymous with the future, but this common interpretation is wrong, and makes us have a simplistic and linear view of the world around us. The trends represent a picture of a particular current situation, but do not take into account the complex forces that come into play at the macro-economic, political and social level. 

To solve it we need to broaden our vision of the future. Instead of viewing it with binoculars tied to our knowledge of the past and the present, we need an observatory that allows us to push our limits and envision new possibilitie.

Based on this premise, our global Business Strategy team has analyzed and evaluated what happened in  the first month of the pandemic, to begin a path of defining futures that encourages us to publish a series of papers and articles in the coming months with the objective of helping our clients, employees and society in general.



Complete study includes:

– Analysis of new consumers.
– Stages in the purchase decision.
– Influencing factors.
– Behavior


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